When creating high-quality SDH and closed captions, we use our expertise and our knowledge of the challenges inherent in reaching the deaf and hard of hearing. Our thorough and accurate work results in subtitles and captions that convey the entirety of the on-screen dialogue, as well as any accompanying sounds that add context to the spoken dialogue.

It is estimated that more than 400 million people worldwide are deaf and hard of hearing and our services allow these people to have access to and to fully enjoy your content. Our Subtitles for the Deaf or Hard-of-hearing (SDH) and closed captioning services are designed for any type of audio-visual production.

We create subtitles and captions either from the original script or by listening to the media asset. When the captions are generated, audio descriptions are added and the captions are then timed to the video. In addition to providing same language SDH and closed captioning services, at Haymillian we also have the expertise required to deliver a foreign language adaptation of your media allowing you to cater specifically for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Our cloud-based proprietary technology provides you with one unified platform to manage all your projects at a glance.

Guaranteeing an extremely fast, highly secure, totally transparent and flawless workflow with real-time tracking. When streaming your content, we will not stream the entire video! We only ever open very short segments at a time when processing your content. Furthermore, our platform allows translators, timers and quality control to work in parallel, ensuring a considerably reduced time to market, without ever compromising on quality.

We deliver your SDH and closed caption files in any of the following formats: CAP (Cheetah), Scenarist Closed Captions (SCC), MCC CEA-708 (MCC) TTML, QuickText (for QuickTime), WebVTT (for HTML5), RealText (for Real Media), SMTPE-TT (XML), EBU.STL, and many others. Upon request, we can also embed the subtitles and closed captions directly into your media file.

Whatever your SDH and closed captioning needs, we have the talent and the resources to deliver what you are looking for. From quick turnarounds to accurate translation and perfectly synchronised subtitles and closed captions, you will receive a high quality and cost effective service from us.