Todas las miradas en África

Todas las miradas en África

El Mercado de TV africano promete un gran futuro para servicios de VoD y OTT, en especial para quienes generan contenidos con un objetivo local.

Tras la expansión de Haymillian hacia el mercado africano, tenemos mucho interés en el futuro del panorama de la televisión del continente, especialmente en el campo del broadcasting sudafricano. Una investigación realizada por IDATE en junio de 2017, arrojó que el mercado sub-sahariano, del cual dice que es el mercado de TV de crecimiento más rápido del mundo, se expandirá un 30% para 2021. Según el informe, se espera que las bases de suscriptores de TV Paga lleguen casi a duplicarse y un creciente número de servicios OTT capitalizará en penetración en Internet incluso en los puntos más recónditos del continente.

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Meet The Team: Sit down with Irini Galani - one of the first members of team Haymillian Greece

Meet The Team:

Sit down with Irini Galani - one of the first members of team Haymillian Greece

A valuable member of the team, Irini is very quick and responsive. Even under great pressure she manages to stay extremely focused and diligent. She is one of those people who goes above and beyond her job duties, willingly preparing additional notes for the translator who will work on her deliverables so that (s)he will know exactly what to do.

A bit about her background:

Irini Galani first joined the Haymillian family as a trainee in 2009. She received a diploma from Ksini Educational Institution but soon after that she discovered her passion for media localization. During her training period at Haymillian she showed amazing progress at technical processing and so she was enlisted as a subtitler. Since then she has proved to be a valuable team member. Irini is fluent in English and Greek and has an intermediary level of Spanish. The main focus of her role is on technical compliance and processing.

Get to know her better:

What motivated you to work in the business of translation and become a subtitler?

My passion for cinema, feature films and TV series. Sometimes I get carried away by the action and I often feel like I am part of the whole cinematic experience.

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Meet The Team: Sit down with Evangelia (Vivi) Koutsodonti who recently celebrated 9 years with Haymillian

Meet The Team: Sit down with Evangelia (Vivi) Koutsodonti who recently celebrated 9 years with Haymillian

One can always count on Vivi to go the extra mile to meet tight deadlines. She is a fantastic team member, assisting her colleagues in any way she can. Her experience and skills coupled with her dedication to her tasks means that she is one of the most productive members of the Haymillian team.

A bit about her background:

Evangelia (Vivi) Koutsodonti is the recipient of BA Degree in Maintenance of Work of Arts. To further her career in the translation industry, she then went on to study Translation and Subtitling in Brussels. Vivi is fluent in English, French, Greek and has an intermediary level of Italian.

She first joined Haymillian as a trainee back in 2009 and after completing her training period was enlisted by the company as a subtitler with a specific focus on technical compliance and processing. Vivi is based in the Haymillian Athens office.

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Client Corner Q&A with Insight TV

In this customer corner, we have a chat with Justin Steel, Global Channel Manager at INSIGHT TV, the Ultra HD channel of international broadcaster TV Entertainment Reality Network (TERN). Haymillian has helped the channel reach audiences across the globe since 2016 through the provision of multilingual dubbing and subtitling services.

Launched at MIPCOM 2015, Insight TV is in its third year of operations. Can you tell us how Insight TV came to life and why the focus on delivering content in UHD?

When INSIGHT TV launched, we knew we had to do something very different to what was already available to ensure we stood out.  This meant taking leadership for the type of content we commissioned and produced, and also how that content was created, which left one option, UHD HDR at 50fps. This was a huge challenge, but the results show that the company made absolutely the right decision. Three years later we’re at the forefront of this television revolution, making UHD HDR programmes that appeal to all demographics including Generation Z and Millennials. 

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All eyes on Africa

All Eyes On Africa

Africa’s TV market is promising a bright future for VoD and OTT services, especially for those delivering content with a local appeal.

In the wake of Haymillian’s expansion into the African market, we have taken a great interest in the future of the continent’s television landscape, especially the South African broadcasting arena. Research conducted by IDATE in June of 2017 reported that the sub-Saharan market, which it states is the world’s fastest-growing TV market, will expand by 30% come 2021. According to the report, Pay-TV subscriber bases are expected to nearly double and a growing number of OTT services will capitalize on Internet penetration in even the most remote corners of the continent.

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