Client Corner Q&A with Hola TV

Our customers are important to us and for that reason we give them a voice on our blog. Here we talk to Adolfo Álvarez Rivas, VP On-Air Programming at Hola ! TV:

1. Three years old and reaching more than 20 million homes, what an achievement!  Please tell us more about Hola! TV

¡HOLA! TV’s content offer has gradually increased over three years reaching more than 22 million homes, expanding its presence in the market and producing more than 700 hours of original productions.

2. How did the idea of a dedicated Spanish-language TV channel for celebrity news come to life?  

¡HOLA! TV is a joint venture between ATRESMEDIA TELEVISIÓN, and ¡HOLA! Magazine, the most respected and exclusive source for news on celebrities, royals, and the elite around the world. The network features the best of the magazine, re-imagined for Television, with news, exclusives and special content that mirrors the philosophy and style of the ¡HOLA! brand. 

3. Hola! TV debuted in the US market with DirecTV back in 2014. Since last September the channel is also available on Sling TV. How has your Stateside audience grown since it launched? 

We continue to increase the channel’s distribution within the Spanish-speaking market in general, offering the US Hispanic markets audience, the best and most exclusive programming.

4. Is the TV channel available in territories other than Latin America and the United States?

No, ¡HOLA! TV is only available in the US and Latin-American markets.

5. What proportion of your content is from non-Spanish speaking sources? Does your audience prefer dubbed or subtitled content, or does it vary per region?

Forty-eight (48) percent of our content is from non-Spanish speaking sources

Our audience (US Hispanic market and LATAM market) prefers dubbed content.  

6. Last Spring, you also launched a new original production, LA HORA ¡HOLA! - a new and renovated prime time. How has it been welcomed by your audience and do you plan to produce more shows in-house?

The audience could not have reacted more positively, exceeding all expectations. ¡HOLA! TV has rapidly climbed the ratings, thanks to a constant growth in the number of viewers, to position itself within the Top 10 most viewed international variety channels.

7. Haymillian and Hola! TV have been working together on several dubbing and voice over projects since early 2016, the most recent being “The Royal Good Guys”. Can you relate your experience and where do you think Haymillian makes a difference?

Haymillian has consistently provided ¡Hola! TV with professional and high-quality dubbing service.

They have always ensured quality, on-time delivery, and have approached our workflow with a positive and accommodating attitude. ¡Hola! TV follows the philosophy, style and quality standards of the ¡HOLA! brand. Haymillian has proven its capability to follow the language and style of our brand, taking care of every detail to ensure meeting our expectations and beyond. They have provided outstanding script adaptations tailored to meet the needs of a diverse audience and the unique content of our channel.

Haymillian’s customer service is a remarkable one. We want to thank Dolores Irazábal and Sofia Bagatela for their professionalism, warm and friendly approach, and constant support in finding solutions for us.

We would recommend Haymillian to any broadcaster or content holder looking to place their content for audiences worldwide.

8. It’s coming to the end of 2017. Looking back what was the highlight of the year for Hola! TV? Are there any exciting projects coming up in the New Year that we should look out for?

2017 was a very successful year, with a notable growth in distribution, production, ratings and ad sales.  Our goal is to continue adding more and better content, with the greatest variety of programming possible to satisfy our audience needs.