Haymillian: A Catalyst for the Localization of Content

by Carolina Mussio

Dubbing and subtitling TV and film productions into dozens of languages, Haymillian has helped its partners catapult their catalogs into the international market, where it is set to expand its presence even further in 2018. 

"It's been a busy year for us," Aida Martirosyan, Managing Director at Haymillian, said to ttvnews, summing up in just a few words a very productive 2017 for the dubbing and subtitling company, both in terms of exciting projects and new partners.
As one of the biggest projects on the list, the company adapted three Russian comedies into English, which was "very challenging because we had to translate them and transform Russian humor into English humor," she explained.
The three comedies, The Kitchen, How I became Russian and Hotel Eleon, enjoyed great success in Russia and are now available for the international market in UK English. "It was a very interesting experience," she said.
The adaptations came as part of a deal signed last year with the Russian film and TV content distributor, All Media, for whom Haymillian provides foreign language versioning and access services, to allow its content library to be made accessible in countries outside of Russia and CIS.
Another major project for Haymillian in 2017 was with INsignt TV, the global UHD network owned by Dutch media group TV Entertainment Reality Network (TERN). "We launched the network in German and Castillian Spanish," she revealed. 
These two languages are the first of many Haymillian will be translating INsight TV's content into, in order to help launch it into several new markets.
In addition, Martirosyan highlighted the company's work in animation, an area that's key for the dubbing company and presents many opportunities for further growth. "We work a lot with animation companies because all animated productions aimed at kids up to 12 years old must be dubbed," she explained.
"This is interesting because you try to nourish and mold kids' minds, and you must consider the parents' values as well, because they will always watch together," she added.
In this sense, the company is currently working with Baby TV in nine languages and "hopes to grow even further, reaching other countries with them," she said. "We also work on educational projects based on teaching new languages to kids, incentivizing our clients to add more subtitles in addition to dubbing, as it helps kids learn new languages easily," she explained.
As for the future, the company is now seeking to reach new territories in Asia and probably expand to a new Asian country in 2018, to add to the 20 countries it's already present in.
"We are very busy in Asia, where our Chinese operations are growing. There are also other territories like Malaysia, Indonesia and India that are emerging. We are very happy because this led us to expand our presence. We are now expanding our offices in Lebanon to reach more clients in the Middle East," she concluded.