There is much more to subtitling than simple translation. At Haymillian, each project receives individual attention from professional linguists who retain the distinct tone of voice of the original script when developing subtitles. This linguistic expertise combined with our cloud-based platform, adaptable workflows and optimised processes allow us to satisfy your unique project requirements.

We make subtitling simpler for you by handling the entire process. From the translation of the dialogue to choosing the least intrusive placement of the subtitles, we possess the knowledge and resources to complete the task with excellence.

Our cloud-based proprietary technology provides you with one unified platform to manage all your projects at a glance.

Guaranteeing an extremely fast, highly secure, totally transparent and flawless workflow with real-time tracking. When streaming your content, we will not stream the entire video! We only ever open very short segments at a time when processing your content. Furthermore, our platform allows translators, timers and quality control to work in parallel, ensuring a considerably reduced time to market, without ever compromising on quality.

We deliver your subtitle files in any of the following formats: STL (for DVD Studio Pro), PAC, DFXP (for Adobe Flash), SRT, QuickText (for QuickTime), iTunes, SMI or SAMI (for Windows Media), WebVTT and RealText (for Real Media), and many others. Upon request, we can also embed the subtitles directly into your media file.

Whatever your subtitling needs, we have the talent and the resources to deliver what you are looking for. From quick turnarounds to accurate translation and perfectly synchronised subtitles, you will receive a high quality and cost effective service from us.