Internet of Subtitling (IoS)

Embracing the Internet of Things, we have developed the Internet of Subtitling (IoS), a proprietary technology and process framework that allows us to deliver in a faster, reliable, and transparent manner, guaranteeing the highest levels of security at all times.

When creating our technology, we have taken into consideration your aspirations for improved security, visibility on how and by whom your content is used, while maintaining the best possible security.

The IoS is a cloud-based framework where no content is stored locally on any computer.   In fact, we are able to integrate the IoS directly with your back-office systems so that your content will never have to leave your premises. No content will be distributed or maintained on local computers, memory sticks, flash drives or any other media that could be copied/distributed without control.

Our private cloud infrastructure streams parts of the content to the relevant personnel via secure VPN channels.  Your content is never downloaded, and remains hidden behind our back-office systems.

Our proprietary cloud-based technology provides one unified interface that allows you to check the project progress anytime anywhere, even from your mobile phone.

Our state of the art process and project management platform allows us to streamline our operations, distribute the workload amongst all team members and monitor in real-time the project workflow.

Our IoS cloud based framework consists of the following systems and subsystems:

Business Support System (BSS)

The system includes project management, ERP, and CRM platforms that ensure effective cost tracking and management.

Client Integration

Our customised and secure user interface allows you to place your project order and track its status until completion.

Customised workflows

Our customised workflows adapt to your company’s internal processes, providing peace of mind and seamless integration with your internal teams.

Online cost management

Avoid surprises by using our cloud-based systems to monitor, in real-time, the project’s cost, itemised cost lists, and overall budget.

Integrated Project Management

Our platform automatically tracks the completion of every stage of your project, assigning work and allocating resources upon completion of a step. The result is an efficient, organised, and cost-effective method that saves you time and money. 

MPAA Security Practices

We ensure the security of your project by enforcing the most current MPAA security practices for content distribution and manipulation. Our cloud-based systems use strong encryption algorithms, and we create and delete accounts per project and individual. The result is strict control of access and accountability for everyone involved in the project.