Translation is the key to reaching global audiences, and Haymillian offers that key to its clients. A one-stop source for all of their translation needs, Haymillian excels in offering clients the most accurate, nuanced, and professional translations available for every project.

The backbone to every translation project Haymillian undertakes is its network of highly qualified translators who deliver professional translation services in 64 languages. Each translator works in his or her native language and field of expertise, such as IT, telecommunications, law, banking and finance. They offer each translation project the benefit of a thorough understanding of the language, its linguistic idiosyncrasies, cultural sensitivities, and the specialized vocabulary that accompanies the field in which they are working. This expertise ensures that the content and tone of the original are preserved while creating a translation that is natural and appealing to the target audience

Haymillian’s translation process also helps to ensure that clients’ projects are completed flawlessly. Large projects utilize individual glossaries to maintain consistency in tone and terminology. Every project, including legal, technical, or medical documents, in addition to being completed by linguistic experts, are proofread by practicing experts. For instance, a legal project will be inspected by a lawyer, and a medical project will be examined by a doctor. In addition, every translation is edited by an independent translator.

Because of Haymillian’s commitment to thorough, nuanced, and perfect translations, clients can rest assured that their project will reach global audiences while accurately reflecting their brand, voice, and intentions.